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How to protect our privacy in the age of internet and social media.

The internet is great, isn’t it? I can spend honestly hours of my time learning new things or informing myself about events from the other side of the world. I’m able to communicate with anyone anywhere for free. I’m always finding the way without asking and never miss an event anymore.

And it’s not just me as an individual. With the internet social relations and society as a whole are changing. Social movements are using the internet to reach more people and spread uncensored information. Internet mobilization was a deciding factor in Tunisia and Egypt in the so-called Arab Spring. So much that they are also referred to as Facebook revolutions.

But there is also a very dark side to the internet, regarding surveillance self-defense. Its “free” services like Facebook, Google, and many others come with a high price: More and more every move we take is recorded. This record is then translated into machine-readable data and sold to the highest bidder. Powerful algorithms use this data to decide what appears on our newsfeed and search results, what advertisements we see, if we are suitable for a certain job, what our political orientation is, and much more. Moreover with these data social unrest becomes mathematically predictable, discontent groups can be targeted, and elections influenced. Big data of today is more and more becoming a tool of social control.

This presentation is aimed at explaining who might and who actually is monitoring us and to what goal. I will explain in simple terms how they do it and – most importantly – how to defend ourselves. The stress will be on simple solutions which can work for everyone – without advanced technological knowledge or great changes in everyday internet browsing.

Afterwards I’m open to questions or we can have a discussion. Additionally there will be a handout with the most important information.

Log off and see you in Fabrika Avtonomia on 21st of February at 7pm to talk about Surveillance Self-Defense!

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