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Fabrika Avtonomia, 15th of February 2019, 7:00pm

So far, men alone have determined what economy is and how to summarize the world in numbers. They simply forgot about women and their work – without them society would collapse (crisis of social reproduction). In this context, it was not only the multi-dimensional crisis of 2007/08 and its reverential consequences that made it clear that women around the world have worse stealth protection mechanisms than men. On top of that, it is now up to women as cheap labor to rekindle the stalled capitalist mode of production. Now women should not only take care of everything in the household for no social and economic recognition, but also to get the capitalist mode of production working again.

The above-mentioned work in the household and the so-called care work, which is also taken over by women, registered none of the mainstream economists how many hours this includes. If economics were a science fostered by women, it might be different, perhaps an understanding of economics that not only measures wages, not just production and imports. But the economy is a men’s economy. She strives to capture the world in numbers, only she forgets about half of the population.

The gross domestic product (GDP) ignores quite a few tasks that have fallen to women for centuries. Cooking, washing, cleaning, everything that took over in the fifties a „model housewife“ with apron and pressure cooker. Everything, despite Alice Schwarzer and fathers on parental leave, even today, especially the women shoulders when they raise children and parents. Without the unpaid work, every society in the world would collapse. For example, women in Germany spend 89 billion hours a year on unpaid work. Much more time than the 69 billion hours that bring in money, yet hardly anyone deals with this huge volume of work, except feminist economists.

For this reason, should also on 15.01.2019 from 7pm, the approach of feminist economics will be presented in Fabrika Avtonomia to present alternatives to the capitalist mode of production of these mainstream economists.

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