What is “Fabrika Avtonomia” (Autonomous Factory)?

Fabrika Avtonomia (Autonomous Factory) is a free, public, non-commercial and independent social space.

What does this mean?

  • Free. We define the rules together. Everyone is involved in the decisions that affect their own life and that of the community.

The political and business elite assure us that our choice is limited to what we buy, who we work for, and for whom we vote. We do not want to believe that freedom is for large corporations and borders – it should only be for people – nor that democracy is only a performance with paid direction and scenography. Politics is not a privilege for a handful of authorized individuals, but rather a commitment of each of us, every day and everywhere.

Today we feel the widespread fatigue. We are tired of the “transition”, tired of “communism”, tired of “democracy.” True democracy and justice are possible only if we decide, on our own, the things that concern us and control what we create together.

  • Independent and non-commercial. We do not seek or receive help from institutions, political parties, business organizations, or NGOs and foundations. We do not aim to make a profit and we rely on voluntary donations and self-organized support.

We can change a lot by beginning with a little. That is why we gather into one collective that, by working with others, will make these much needed “small” changes by sharing free knowledge, ideas, and resources. We want “Factory Autonomy” to be a place for discussions, presentations, screenings, workshops, educational and practical courses, a collective kitchen, and a free exchange of goods and ideas that can be useful for everyone.

We do not promise anything but we will try, together with you, to change everything that we can. It’s up to us whether “the pieces of change” will emerge and create or restore spaces that should belong to all of us and not the few in power at our expense. We can often gather just to listen to music, have fun, and talk. This is also how new ideas and practices are born.

  • Public/free for everyone. We are open to еveryone who wants to participate in this experiment of self-organization and self-government as long as they share our core values and principles.

Values and Principles

We are led by the pursuit of justice, solidarity, and self-management – as opposed to global capitalism, fake democracy and all kinds of totalitarianism.

We believe that a world of equality and mutual assistance, without hierarchy and without authority, is possible. While trying to apply all of this in practice, we are guided by some basic rules.

  • Each onе of us represents themselves and no one else. We organize among ourselves without leaders and without anyone telling others how to “do it right”.
  • We all participate voluntarily, according to our individual potential, abilities, and desire; all are engaged in the attempt of turning the social center into a model of autonomy.
  • We act directly for everything we believe in and against everything that oppresses us in the present system.
  • We respect all differences, because this is the only way we can achieve common solutions; we recognize the importance of diversity for a just and harmonious society; we do not accept any form of oppression or discrimination on any ground. We do not accept that aggression – verbal or physical – is an appropriate way of communicating in our common space.

We know that the struggle for a better world is multifaceted and we hope that the space of “Factory Autonomy” will be the center of many struggles for justice, solidarity, and self-government. Only together can we reclaim our space, not only in the city but also in society, and join our voices to fight for our freedom.

“Autonomy” – because we ourselves can build a just, cohesive, and self-governing society.
“Factory” – because achieving our individual freedom is impossible without creating our collective freedom together.

contact (at) fabrika-avtonomia.org | http://fabrika-avtonomia.org

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